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Buying online can be tough when you aren't able to try on clothes to see how they fit.

However, there are ways to help you be able to choose the right clothing, the most important one being your body measurements. Having your body measurements helps you to select the right size of a particular piece of clothing per the item's size chart. 

Sizecharter has a great measurement guide with detailed instructions on how to get the most accurate measurements of your body. You can check out the guide here.

In order to get your measurements, you'll need to have, or buy, a body/flexible measuring tape, which is available from most general stores such as Walmart and Target. Healthy4life has a pretty big list of various body measuring tapes here.

A quick way to get your bust measurements without using body tape is by using your bra size. To figure out your bust this way, take your band size and add 1 inch for each cup size. For example, a 40D would be a 44" bust (40" base plus 4 inches for a D cup). An A cup would add 1 inch, a B cup would add 2 inches, a C cup would add 3 inches, a D cup would add 4 inches, a DD cup would add 5 inches, etc. 

Figuring out what clothes would flatter your body is another great way to help make your online shopping more enjoyable. Every woman's body is different, and different types of clothing and cuts flatter different body types. Sizecharter has a great guide on various body shapes, and even has links to guides on what type' of clothing flatter your body shape. You can find the guide here.

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